5 facts everyone should know about stem cell therapy in Miami. Part 2.

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In this article we continue explaining why stem cell therapy – including stem cell treatment Miami – has become one of the most popular regenerative medicine treatments in recent years. Below we present facts behind possible application of the stem cell therapy and its safety. We encourage you to contact our pain management doctor in Miami  in order to discuss these claims and find out if this particular  regenerative medicine treatment is right for you. Click here to read: 5 facts everyone should know about stem cell therapy in Miami. Part 1. 

Fact 3. The best cells for you are your own cells

Donating stem cells (especially if you’re healthy and have “good genes”) sounds like a noble thing to do. Also, receiving stem cells from a younger, healthier person may appear tempting, as it suggests that the healing process can gain extra efficacy. It is not, however, that simple. Your body is not always very ‘welcoming’ to foreign cells.

There are pharma companies out there who have a big business idea; they plan on taking cells from young donors, growing them, and then distributing them to hospitals and clinics. In other words, they are planning to mass manufacture adult stem cells for distribution – just like they do with any drug that ends up on a drugstore shelf. Although it is possible to receive someone else’s stem cells for a therapy, one must acknowledge the risks. Your immune system may react negatively to your donor’s stem cells in a similar way organs may be rejected by a host after e.g. a kidney transplant. Also, the donor’s stem cells are said to stay working in the host. It means you, as a host, receive your donor’s genetic predisposition. Who knows if these have cells are predisposed to cancer later in life? Extreme scrutiny in genetic screens should be required in order to minimize genetic risk of such therapies. Learn more about stem cell therapy in Miami where we use your own stem cells to ensure maximum efficacy and safety of the therapy.

Fact 4. Stem Cell therapy Miami – Stem cell therapy helps organ and tissue regeneration

It seems like scientists frequently discover new possible therapeutic applications for stem cells and stem cell research has proven that tissue regeneration may be the most important of all. Because stem cells can, under certain conditions, be used to grow a particular type of tissue (or organ), it has the potential to eradicate the organ scarcity problem. Currently, organs must be donated and almost immediately transplanted (some organs travel distances from the donor to the receiver) and the demand for organs far exceeds supply.

Stem cell therapy – including stem cell therapy in Miami – has potential benefits for conditions such as:

  • osteoarthritis of any joint including “bone on bone”
  • back pain including degenerated discs
  • stenosis
  • sacroiliac joint dysfunction
  • sciatica
  • neck pain
  • sports injuries such as tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, rotator cuff tears, torn meniscus, ankle sprains, Achilles tendinitis, torn shoulder labrum – just to name a few.

Our stem cell treatment in Miami  is helpful in relieving pain and damage in the treated areas. This therapy offers new hope to many patients for conditions that they have previously been told were hopeless or “just live with it”, or that it was time for more surgery. It is a viable option in medicine today for many injuries and problems, especially in regards to joint and bone problems that are causing pain because they have never healed in the first place.

Fact 5. Stem Cell therapy is safe

One of the reasons doctors recommend stem cell therapy and patients choose the treatment over other therapies is the efficacy and safety of the procedure. Stem cell treatments combine the potential to alleviate suffering and treat previously incurable diseases with with minimal risk of rejection or side effects. Degenerated, diseased, or damaged tissues and areas in the body have the potential to regenerate, thanks to stem cells which self-renew and give rise to subsequent tissue regeneration. By choosing the regenerative medicine therapies that are now available, patients can avoid the lengthy periods of downtime and painful rehabilitation that typically follow invasive surgeries.

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